The following are our fees for services:

  • Clinical Interview – $250 / hour; minimum 1 hour billed
  • Direct Assessment – $200 / hour; includes face-to-face testing, scoring, interpretation, and report writing
  • On-Site Behavioral Observation (as requested and/or needed) – $150 / hour; minimum 1 hour billed
  • Feedback session – $175 / hour; minimum 1 hour billed
  • Consultation with school personnel – $150 / hour; includes designing behavior plans, implementation and monitoring of classroom accommodations, attending ARD or RtI meetings, and discussion of findings as they relate to educational planning
  • Direct intervention – $200 / hour; includes parent training
  • Presentation – $150 an hour

It is expected that fees for professional services will be paid at the time the services are rendered. If you have insurance, you are responsible for payment of any fees that the insurance company does not pay, denies, and/or deems medically unnecessary. You are responsible for the applicable portion of your deductible and all co-pays at the time that services are rendered. Assessment reports will not be discussed or disseminated without prior payment of these fees. Payment may be made with cash, check, or credit card.